See Memorable Ship Copies In Sant Juan Bautista Museum

The Sant Juan Bautista Museum

The Sant Juan Bautista Museum is a social and instructive office that keeps up and passes on data about Tsunenaga Hasekura’s conciliatory tact strategic. There is likewise a reproduction of the genuine size of the Sant Juan Bautista vessel, a ship vessel utilized by Hasekura on his approach to Europe in the seventeenth century and different displays portraying the subtleties of the strategic the Hasekura. .

The Sant Juan Bautista Museum
The Sant Juan Bautista Museum

Sant Juan Bautista was worked in the seventeenth century on the sets of Masamune Date, the leader of the Sendai territory. The ship was additionally the main Western-style wooden ship to be worked in Japan and made two excursions to and fro through the Pacific Ocean.

On 28 October 1613, the ship cruised from Tsukinoura Bay in Ishinomaki to Mexico via conveying Tsunenaga Hasekura who was a Date samurai supporter, on a strategic as the Keicho Diplomacy crucial his approach To Rome.

Right now, can climb the reproduction transport worked in the year 1993 and investigate the top and base of the deck, where there are different mannequins portraying those engaged with the tact crucial, Instructions depicting portions of the vessel that are additionally accessible in English.

Notwithstanding the copy of the ship that is the primary fascination, there is likewise a historical center structure including data about the Sant Juan Bautista ship and Keicho’s crucial, as a mimicked video about the historical backdrop of the ship and its development subtleties . The reproduction dispatch has additionally endured harm when the Tsunami happened in 2011, until it was shut for fix and revived in 2013.

The Sant Juan Bautista Museum
The Sant Juan Bautista Museum

I additionally have workshops that offer exercises identified with ships, for example, ropework, wooden riddles, and there is likewise a board that showcases how the copy ships were built. For the individuals who need to purchase a blessing, there is likewise a keepsake shop that gives an assortment of unique Sant Juan Bautista things and different things.

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Sant Juan Bautista Museum

Address: Watanoha Aza Omori 30-2, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture

Opening times: 09.30 – 16.30 (shut on Tuesdays)

Toll: 700 yen, under 18 years of age free (presently 350 yen as the ship’s reproduction can’t be gotten to)

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